Introduction - Myself

I am William Allan, brand new to learning about AI and neural networks, I will be doing everything in my power to develop a predictive AI system with the following inputs: soil nutrient content, soil moisture levels, hue of grass leaves, cloud cover, humidity, temperature etc… as well as goals depending on location, to produce an output of the optimal chemical application schedule for any grass across a golf course. This practice is currently glorified guesswork on the part of maintenance crews and it’s optimization with a competent neural network will be groundbreaking in the future of this multi-billion dollar industry.

Interesting project.

Do you have a dataset to work from?

Some aspects of the data set are available as historical weather data, etc, but I think that’s useless information if the other variables Elsie not produce healthy grass as the model would not know whether the chemical inputs were successful… one big challenge to this is the data collection itself but I have a plan to bring in data from various environments through collaboration across the industry.

I will be gathering data in the coming months from records kept by agricultural academic institutions where they work under similar parameters for similar plant phenotype goals.

Standby. Could be a while on that front.

Thanks for the idea Tom!