Is it possible to write an IF (threshold) using parallel computing (vector operations)?

I’d like to ask if it is possible in python to use vector operations to do:
p = np.zeros(m)
for i in range(m):
if(e[i] >= 0.9):
p[i] = 1
p[i] = 0

Something like that maybe (except in a way that would work?)
np.where(e >= 0.9, p = 1, p = 0)


(I changed variable name in case someone was going to use it in the final assignment as an answer)
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it’s totally fine to do that actually it’s better to do it in a NumPy way as it will be faster.
another way to do it is like this

## this will create an array of True, and False
##   and just cast it as int will result in 0, 1
result = (e > 0.9).astype(np.int64)
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