Is Mathematics, a requisite for DLS?

Ever since i started this and run across a couple of video right from the beginning. i see some topics especially maths related very confusing and new to me. i wonder if there are any valuable resources online for grasping the much needed maths fundamentals before attempting to master deep learning concepts.

I think you don’t want to know the details of math for deep learning.start with the basics for array and derivatives they will be helpful for your course 1

As @Sajed_Zeitoun mentioned, starting with array (vectorization) and derivatives would be helpful, and there are some video introductions on these (derivatives, vectorization and logistic regression) in C1W1. I believe a solid understanding of these is enough for you to complete the assignments and others.
However, if you do feel like knowing more fundamentals about this topic, an alternative is the Machine Learning Specialization course from DeepLearning.AI, which I myself found to be very helpful to build fundamentals.
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Hi, @ram_from_tvl. Please see my response in this recent thread.

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Some free courses here will help you get farmiliar with the math behind deep learning.


Hi @ram_from_tvl

in addition to the helpful suggestions: in the meanwhile Deeplearning.AI announced a new course which could be a match for you: Mathematics for Machine Learning and Data Science Specialization, launching in January 2023.

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Hi. I can fully relate to this. I wanted to tackle the Machine Learning Specialization, but my math is way too bad. I’m currently taking the specialization @Christian_Simonis mentioned. Math for Machine Learning and Data Science from DeepLearning.AI. I enjoy it so far. I might even need to go to the Khan Academy first, but I will try to follow. Thanks to @Phuc_Kien_Bui for the links! I wish you good luck with your learning. :four_leaf_clover:

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