Do I need to take the Mathematics For ML/DS course series before I take DLS?

Hi - I wonder if I should finish the Math for ML/DS courses before I attempt to take this Deep Learning Specializastion. Some background:

  • I was a CS major in college 20 years ago
  • I just finished the ML specialization
  • I could still work out those first derivatives myself such as those with logistics regression cost function’s gradient descent in MLS. Meaning I know the chain rule well enough.
  • I am comfortable with numpy and know the concept behind dot, matmul etc.
  • I am also familiar with statistics and basic probability

Your input will help me decide if I will skip or I should spend a month on the math before I attempt DLS. Thank you.

MLS courses are phenomenal.

You won’t need to take any math courses for DLS.

In my personal experience, the level of mathematics required for DLS is similar to the level required for MLS.

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Hello @wr200m,

I think you are ready for the DLS.


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Thank you mentors! I guess I will ask this question again when I’m ready to tackle the GAN specialization in a few months.

I’ve taken both DLS and GANs. They are at a similar level in terms of math. With DLS in your toolbox, you’ll be fine with GANs as well.

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After you complete MLS, you probably won’t benefit much from additional math tutorials.

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