Is the Coursera content available after completion?

Will the course lectures be available after completion?
(not the lecture notes - but the video content)

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Well, I just checked my old courses - the videos weren’t accessible. I think it will be the same for this course as well. Make sure you download the PDF lecture notes. They should be enough to revise the material in future.

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The videos should be available.
What’s not available is the graded assignments.


Thanks. That’s good news.
Some of the explanations are worth the revisit.

Especially for me as a Product Manager.

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thanks for the notice

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Hi, today I started the course and until now no video download was possible.

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Thanks. Notes are what I want anyway

The video can’t be downloaded.

I finished the course last week - still, the content is available on Coursera.

hi can anyone share the original jupyter notebooks of all assignment in google drive and share the link here?

No, because only students who are enrolled in the course and have paid the course fee can have access to the practice labs.