Since there isn't a book to this specialization, I'd like to keep having access to the lectures

I just finished the machine learning specialization, but I feel like I’ve already forgotten things that will be useful when I get around to using these methods.

Is there a book or any way to keep having access to the videos after completing the course?

You can access the videos its free anytime, for the labs you need to download a copy before the subscription ends.

Cool. I just noticed that I can download the videos, so I was considering downloading them all.
But if I can just access them, that would save an hour.

Now that I think about it, I’d rather have a book.
If there’s a textbook that has all the material, I’d buy that.

I don’t think you need to download the videos. if you have had a subscription through financial-aid and completed the course, you would have complete access to the course material, videos, lecture notes, quiz and assignments for 6 months. After 6 months, only access to the graded assessment won’t be there. So you can always come back and access videos. Again the duration of access is completely in the hands of Coursera especially for financial-aid subscription :slight_smile:

The restriction of accessibility for the course is only related to graded assessment part and it may be different from course to course.

I don’t have subscription.

So I started downloading the videos and labs, but at 10pm Aug 31 my time it decided that I don’t have access to them anymore part way through downloading.

I guess their server is in a time zone east of mine.

Almost got them!

Is there a text book that anyone can recommend?