Download video lectures?

Once I finish this specialization I would love to have access to the videos of each course for future reference and more studying. Is this possible? Or do I need to keep paying in order to have access to the videos?

I think you still have access to the videos after completing the course. Anyway, you can audit the course again free to watch the videos.

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Hey @Marios_Constantinou,
Just to add to @alvaroramajo’s answer, if you want you can download the video lectures too. In each of the video lectures, you should see an option of “Download” just next to “Save note”. i hope this helps.


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Oh yeah you can, nice! But if I am going to have access to the videos anyway then I won’t bother, it’s a lot of lectures lol.

@Elemento Will we have access to the course as I have taken the course from CourseEra and I think I will not have access for downloading or watching it later. Please let me know if I can access it here in Deeplearning.AI ? or do I need to get anyother subscription here.

Elemento is not available anymore.
After completing the course, you can watch videos but will lose access to graded items like quizzes and assignments. So, it is a better idea to download each assignment and its associated files just after you submit it.