How to download course materials of deep learning specialization?

I have recently completed the 5 courses in deep learning specialization. How can I download the course materials? Specifically I want to download the course video, and those assignment files that I have completed and submitted. Thanks.

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Hi philgo,

There’s a Download button under each course video. But there’s no batch download function if that’s what you are looking for.

You can save the assignment notebook file to your local, but they may have dependencies that make them only workable inside of Coursera servers. If your coding skill is good, you can check the error messages and workout the dependencies.

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You can use the “File → Download (as notebook)” command to download the notebook ipynb files, which are JSON files. If you actually want to run the notebooks in a different environment, it requires more than just the notebooks and there are no “official” instructions for how to do that, but here’s a thread from a fellow student with lots of useful information on this general topic.

The other important point to note is that the lectures are available even in “audit” mode, which costs nothing, so there really isn’t any need to download them. You can see them anytime you want at no additional cost. But you will no longer be able to see your notebooks on the website as soon as you stop paying. So you’ll want to do those downloads before you cancel your subscription.