Is there a tool like Jupyter Notebooks that we can use outside of Coursera?

I’m trying to experiment with building models outside of the Coursera labs and don’t know the best place to do this. Any recommendations?

Hi @littlebird,
I will recommend colaboratory. It is quite easy to get started, no set ups required. Happy learning and experimenting. All the best.


This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

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You are most welcome.

Hi @littlebird

Deepnote it is a good tool as well

Colab free edition is good if you don’t run long processes. It may time out if you run a process for long e.g. trying to do some training.

Another alternative is Anaconda. It launches a python kernal locally on your machine. You can develop code, save / download it as ipynb format that can be easily shared/ run on a Colab by someone else.

I use Paperspace:

And love it.