Notebooks available for free users

Is there a place where we can download the Jupyter notebooks without the AWS account that is only accessible for paid users?
I would love to test the code locally, but it would be more comfortable to use the sample code than to try to replicate everything from scratch.
Thanks a lot

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Hi DiegoGarces,

I downloaded an application called “Anaconda” ( With Anaconda, I am able to run the GenAI lab code on my Windows laptop. I use the IDE called “Spyder” that runs Python 3.9 within Anaconda. Let me know if you have any questions.



My question was more about how or where to get the code that made the finetuning and the in context learning, rather than how to run it. I have already covered that part locally, but I don’t want to write all the code from scratch.


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Hii @diegogarces , you can download the notebooks from AWS sagemaker . It provides us the option to do so. i have the notebook from Week 1 for your reference which I’ve attached herewith. You can do the same for all other couse n otebooks in sagemaker . Thanks !
summarize_dialogue.ipynb (52.0 KB)

Hii Balaji ,

Does Spyder allows us to run .ipynb files ?

Hi Atharva,

Spyder doesn’t recognize ipynb files. I only copy the python code into the IDE and execute it.


Thanks a lot Atharva, I really appreciate the reply and the file.
The problem is that I don’t know how to access AWA sagemaker. As I am not doing the course for a certificate, the Lab assignment is locked and I don’t know how to log in in sagemaker or if I can.


Hii ,

Check twt