Lab Notebooks are Unavailable

I do not see the JupyterLab notebooks on the Amazon Sagemake Studio folder. How do I get them?

You need to copy notebook from AWS s3 to Amazon Sagemaker Studio folder. You can see detailed information from lab instruction.

Understood. Thank you.

Hello. I am having troubles with accessing the file that will allow me to access pre-set aws environment that is being described in the “Introduction to AWS Labs” video in the course. There is no file to be open where I can click on the shown green amazon logo :slight_smile: Can you help me with that?

OK. I managed to find it out myself. For others who will have same dilemma. The access to the file is through the lab. Two previous video before the actual lab are only the introduction and preview. So if you want to access the lab you have to directly navigate to the last item on the list of the section - Graded App Item: Lab 1 - Generative Use Case: Summarise Dialogue.