After submission of lab3, I have no option to open sagemaker studio lab

I had submitted the lab3 and now I want to experiment more on aws sagemaker studio lab environments as the google colab is having some compatibility issues with transformers and tensorflow.

Now to use aws sagemaker notebook, the lab get started but I dont see any option for a configured sagemaker studio lab anymore. I don’t know what are the issues here.

If you can download the Lab files and study them, you may be able to use them. Also there are quite a few AWS specializations in Coursera how to use various AWS services!

No, the problem is not ‘how to use various AWS services’. With free vocareum account, we dont get the permissions to create and use aws services. Before submission of lab3, the studio lab was already configured to use. But now after submission of lab3, it is no more configured to use the free resources as instructed in lab.

Maybe you can download the Lab files, and you can create an AWS yourself too!

my mistake, I was going to studio lab option not the studio option.