Is there some explanation to these optional labs?

Are there some sort of explanation videos or something which goes into detail about how we have written the python code in the optional labs because some content is entirely new to me. Or are we supposed to understand it on our own?

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There is no explantion as such about the python code in the optional labs. On the other hand, spending some time on the optional labs and understanding the code will help to brush up/pick up some new techniques, methods and commands that will be helpful later on.

okay…but the thing is I’m facing difficulty in understanding it and that is taking up a lot of time. Is there a solution for it??

If you are very new to python, then it would greatly help to do a basic course in python before proceeding with this specialization. Otherwise it can get very difficult to find your way around the labs.

On the other hand, if you are reasonably comfortable with python, then working through the labs patiently will help you pick up new techniques - Sadly, there is no shortcut through this one. But this investment of time will further help to complete the assignments.

I’m not completely new to python. But I could see some functions that were used that I was unfamiliar with. So I think I should just google them out and try to understand by my own then.
Anyways thank you!!

In addition to the python functions, there are other user-defined helper functions that are invoked in the labs.

Maybe its these user-defined functions that you are having trouble with.

If so, to access these helper functions: Go to File → Open, and you can see all the files in the folder. Going over the function definitions in these files will give you a better understanding of how the function works.

However, it is not essential that you completely understand the working of these user-defined functions. Just knowing what the function does, what inputs it requires and what it will output, is good enough to be able to use it.

Ok, thank you. Is it alright if I go on with the course and maybe come back at the last for the code?

Personally, i would recommend that you atleast quickly run through the optional labs.

The labs are designed such that it will help to visually understand the theory and concepts explained in the videos. For now, don’t delve deeply into the code and the functions, but try to atleast understand the output.

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