I can barely understand the syntax of the option coding labs assigned in every week

Is there any way to better understand the code in all the optional coding labs as it is really confusing to me. I understand what the overall code is supposed to do and I understand all the math but fail to understand the actual application of the code in the notebook. Is there any place where I can go to get a further understanding of the syntax being used or anything I can do?

Links to the labs:

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They use some sophisticated python constructs in some of the support functions and test functions that they supply here. There are several ways to approach that, but it depends on how much background and experience you have in python already. If python is pretty new to you, have you taken a python course yet? If not, that might be the best first step. If you are very experienced in other languages, then maybe it would suffice to just spend some time on the python.org website looking at tutorials or looking up particular issues. But that sort of requires that you understand the nomenclature of python a bit: how do you know what to search for on the python.org documentation site.

Or you can pick a particular example and ask about it. Note that we are not allowed to show solution code publicly, but we can talk about python in general. And the utility routines are not part of your graded code, so I think it’s ok to discuss that type of code.

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