Is this a bug? 100% val_accuracy from the first epoch

I have my val_accuracy 100%, and my accuracy 82.68%. But what I’d learned from the course that the normal accuracy would be higher than the val_accuracy so we prevent it from overwriting. Here I have my val_accuracy 100% form the first epoch.

Do you remember this thread?

yes but i didnt know why im getting val_accuracy 100% (while in the course vidoes, we always get the val_accuracy less than the normal accuracy )

is it even good to have the val_accuracy 100% from the first epoch?

There’s nothing wrong with val accuracy of 100%.
Please focus your effort on improving training accuracy.

See the testing criteria for this assignment: To pass this assignment your model should achieve a training and validation accuracy of at least 80% and the final testing accuracy should be either higher than the training one or have a 5% difference at maximum.