Issues with C1_W1_Lab03_Cost_function_Soln

In following optional lab (/notebooks/C1_W1_Lab03_Cost_function_Soln.ipynb), graphs are not being plotted. I am getting the following message while running this cell: plt_intuition(x_train,y_train

Canvas(toolbar=Toolbar(toolitems=[(‘Home’, ‘Reset original view’, ‘home’, ‘home’), (‘Back’, 'Back to previous …

Note that I am running the lab from Coursera environment. I have tried reloading the lab couple of times but this issue persists.

Same issue while plotting Contour and Soup Bowl plot.

This means your browser is blocking the widget that creates the interactive plots.

Try disabling any sort of pop-up or ad blockers, or try using an anonymous / private browser session.

Thank you for the prompt response. I made sure that there is no pop-up or ad blockers in the browser (Google Chrome). Also, plots works just fine for other labs (e.g. C1_W1_Lab04_Gradient_Descent_Soln.ipynb). Using Incognito also didn’t work.

However, I tried the other browser (Microsoft Edge) and plot works just fine. This seems bit weird but it severs my purpose for now.

In case if I found time, I will dig deep into why plots in this particular lab doesn’t work as intended with Google Chrome.

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That’s unusual for Chrome to have an issue. I use Chrome and have never seen this problem.

Perhaps it’s some sort of cookie issue, and the other browser did not have that cookie set.