Job Recommendation System

Hey guys, I am a '23 grad student, but I want guidance or help in preparing a recommendation system while parsing our resume and LLMs predicting the closest jobs possible and some suggestable jobs based on skills. Also want to create another system if anyone joins I can share the insight later.


This is something I am interested also. I have thought of using LangChain, an open source LLM model and a vector database to store all the embedding as building blocks. But do not have time to really implement it. You have any thoughts ? Thanks

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Can you DM once…thanks

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I’ve worked in recruiting / talent acquisition for 10+ years and have some insight on how this work is currently being done. I’d be interested in participating if you think I can be helpful.

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Hi Jospeh, I’m also working in almost similar type of project. It would be great if you could share your insights, may I DM you on this?