Join us for a fireside chat with Andrew and Fei-fei Li on Healthcare's AI future

You are invited to join us for an exciting fireside chat with Fei-Fei Li, Andrew Ng, and Curtis Langlotz at 10 am PT on April 29 on the future of AI in Healthcare.

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We’ll cover, among other topics:

  • How is working in healthcare different than working in other domains?
  • How does data availability in medicine compare to other domains? How do productionize - models?
  • How do you handle privacy issues for patients and caregivers?
  • How do you get buy-in and cooperation from medical professionals?
  • What kind of a team should you look for to solve problems in the medical space?
  • How do make ambient intelligence a reality? What are the hurdles?

For anyone who missed the live event, you can watch a recording at Healthcare’s AI Future: A Conversation with Fei-Fei Li & Andrew Ng - YouTube