Korean Subtitle Error

I found a little typo from Korean subtitle. Is there any instruction that I can help fix the Korean subtitle? The slide is showing "batched Gradient Descent, but subtitle is saying “bashed”. It is after 2:25ish.

The lecture link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning/lecture/349Ay/running-gradient-descent

Hello @g471000,

Thank you for letting us know! The English version and some other languages also have the same problem. I will inform the course team about this and see what they can do.


Hi @g471000,

The course team has escalated that error to Cousera that is resposibile for the subtitle.

Since you asked about helping on the subtitles, I am wondering if you may find the Cousera’s Global Translator Community a good place for you to contribute. Here is the Help Center’s post about it and please take a look. I just joined and found that I could edit subtitles there directly, only I am not sure how long it would take for my changes to be effective, since I have never really done that before.

Anyway, enjoying the courses and learning the skills are the first things, and I hope you will get the most of the courses!


HI Jieun and Raymond. Got some additional info from Coursera. You can also flag the translations through the language dropdown. Select the Language first, then click again to select Add translation feedback.

This will alert them if many learners are flagging it so they can re-translate.

Good to know! I will definitely add translation feedback using that feature!

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