L3_Connecting_to_a_SQL_Database - exceeded quota for this month

Hi all.

When I Invoke the SQL model, running agent_executor_SQL.invoke(QUESTION) this message appears:
RateLimitError: Error code: 429 - {‘error’: {‘message’: ‘exceeded quota for this month’}}

I’m using the standard notebook offered by the course.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion of how to contour this RateLimitError message.


Facing the same issue.

Same here, for all of the notebooks

rate limiting error for all notebooks

hello…same problem. ‘exceeded quota for this month’, when executing notebooks from the Azure Agent Course. :pensive:


I am also getting the same issue.

Please look into this issue.


@Mubsi, seems like an issue needs investigation.

Thanks, Tom.

Hi all,

This works fine for me.

Let me forward this to the team.