L4 chain of thought - AI Hallucinates the product list

i tried with changing the user prompt to the following,

user_message = f"“”
other than laptop, what other electronic products are sold"“”
messages = [
‘content’: system_message},
‘content’: f"{delimiter}{user_message}{delimiter}"},
response = get_completion_from_messages(messages)

the output response from step 2 reasoning as follows,

Step 1:#### The user is asking about other electronic products sold, excluding laptops.

Step 2:#### The available electronic products sold are:

  1. Product: TechPro Smart TV
    Category: TVs and Home Entertainment
    Brand: TechPro
    Model Number: TP-TV200
    Warranty: 1 year
    Rating: 4.6
    Features: 55-inch display, 4K Ultra HD, Smart TV functionality, HDR
    Description: A high-quality smart TV for an immersive viewing experience.
    Price: $699.99

  2. Product: BlueWave Soundbar
    Category: Audio and Speakers
    Brand: BlueWave
    Model Number: BW-SB100
    Warranty: 1 year
    Rating: 4.4
    Features: 2.1 channel, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in subwoofer
    Description: A sleek soundbar for enhanced audio quality.
    Price: $149.99

  3. Product: PowerLite Wireless Earbuds
    Category: Audio and Speakers
    Brand: PowerLite
    Model Number: PL-EB300
    Warranty: 1 year
    Rating: 4.2
    Features: True wireless, Bluetooth 5.0, up to 20 hours of battery life
    Description: Stylish and comfortable wireless earbuds for music and calls.
    Price: $79.99

  4. Product: TechPro Smart Watch
    Category: Wearable Technology
    Brand: TechPro
    Model Number: TP-SW400
    Warranty: 1 year
    Rating: 4.3
    Features: Heart rate monitor, fitness tracking, notifications, touchscreen
    Description: A feature-packed smartwatch for tracking your health and staying connected.
    Price: $129.99

  5. Product: BlueWave Portable Bluetooth Speaker
    Category: Audio and Speakers
    Brand: BlueWave
    Model Number: BW-PS100
    Warranty: 1 year
    Rating: 4.5
    Features: Compact and portable, Bluetooth connectivity, up to 10 hours of playtime
    Description: A portable speaker for enjoying music on the go.
    Price: $49.99

In the step 2 reasoning., the AI hallucinated the products list that we have given in the system message.

i tried changing the instructions under the system message step 2 as follows, but no change, the AI just hallucinates the products.

Step 2:{delimiter} If the user is asking about
specific products, select the products that match with
the products listed below. if the user request doesn’t match with the products listed then politely mention that other categories or products not available.
then suggest the user with the available products.