Lab 2 Week 2 stuck since failed to import transformer.trainer

i setup the environment correctly, restarted the kernel but i sitll get this error and cant proceed with the lab Fine-Tune a Generative AI Model for Dialogue Summarization.

error: “RuntimeError: Failed to import transformers.trainer because of the following error (look up to see its traceback): module ‘torch’ has no attribute ‘SymInt’”

Hi @sopardes
I am guessing you are running in a local environment, right?
If that is the case, this issue generally occurs when we are using incompatible library versions. One option to try to fix the issue is to get the torch version (supposing the issue is with torch) that is running in the workspace and then install the same version in your local environment. You can repeat the same process if you face another similar issue with another package.
Keep learning!