Lab Grader Timed Out

I have tried several times submitting this C1W3 lab but I always get the following error: ‘Grader timed out’. I am pretty sure that my implemntation is correct and could achieve 99.5% accuracy in less than 10 epochs. I am seeking help regarding this issue as it prevents me from getting the course certificate.

Hello @kareem_5aled ,

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If you are certain that you don’t have any issues preventing your progress, please send me your notebook via direct message (DM). Just click on my profile picture and select the “Send Message” option. There, you can attach your notebook, and we can discuss the problems here, in this thread you created.

hello, i faced the same issue can you help me out ?

I just received your notebook via message. I’ll check it, and we can discuss it here later, okay?

i found a solution that only read : to fix this typo self.model.stop_traing

After analyzing your work a bit, I noticed some issues in function reshape_and_normalize(images).

Check the part where you need to use reshape and pay attention to the comments.

The part where you should normalize, you also didn’t implement it completely. Pay attention to this comment:

  • Normalize the pixel values so that these are values between 0 and 1. You can achieve this by dividing every value in the array by the maximum.

Please let me know if these steps helped you resolve your issue.

ah yes they need to be as such : images = images.reshape(60000, 28, 28,1)

# Normalize pixel values
images = images/255.0