Lab02: model representaition

hi. the straight line formula is : f(x) = x*w + b where w =100 and b=100. But I don’t understand how the line does not cross the y-axis at 100. It should’ve crossed 100 on the y-axis because b is 100. can anyone explain? I’ll appreciate any help. thanks.

Hi @Ehsan_10537,

The x-axis ranges from 1 to 2, and if you extrapolate, it should pass through y=100 at x=0.

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I think you are correct. The function line should pass the y-axis.

The line is visualized using Matplotlib. The input argument for this line is limited to 2 values on the x-axis (1.0 and 2.0) and 2 values on the y-axis (200 and 300). They could have added extra values to see where it crosses the y-axis.

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