Lab3 : AWS account deactivated at 2023-10-02T10:57:08-07:00

I am unable start the Week3 lab please help . AWS account deactivated at 2023-10-02T10:57:08-07:00 . My paid subscription is still active . kindly activate the aws lab account .
Coursera account name : Antony A

May you please fill this form:

@gent.spah I just had the same thing happen to me in the middle of Lab2. it first told me the kernel died. I tried restarting it, got nothing. tried re-starting the lab and got the same “account deactivated” message. There was an option to report an issue on the page, so I did.


I have the same problem. I will fill out the form that @gent.spah shared, perhaps it can help already.

I had my AWS student account deactivated yesterday while I was in Lab3. My paid subscription is active. I filled the form and sent it. Please let me know if I should re-send or do anything else. Thank you. My best

I have the same issue and my subscription still active please help.

Hi Team,

Im also facing same problem, getting error “AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-21T02:07:51-08:00”

Kindly help here. Thanks in advance.

Hi Team,

I am also facing the same issue “AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-23T03:33:45-08:00” could someone please address ASAP

Hi, I have the same issue with locked account. Please help I filled out the form.

Hi, there is not much I can do after this step, hopefully someone from QA team picks it up.

I had the same issue, getting the error “AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-24T22:19:04-08:00”.
Please help, I have filled out the form.
Thanks for your support and Merry Christmas!

I am also facing the same problem and unable to complete the lab. Can I use my own AWS Account and update the result ? I dont want to wait for the fix.

The issue with AWS domains is reported as fixed.

If your account has been deactivated, that’s a different issue, for which you need to fill out the form (and then wait for it to be actioned).

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I have the same issue and filled up the form. But it happened in lab 2

This also happened with me.

AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-26T20:30:40-08:00

@luciferg, did you fill out the form to have your account repaired?

hi even my account got deactivated. What should i do?

Even after selecting the right instance, my kernal died a few minutes later, before died everything was working fine most of the code goth executed as well once the kernal died the account also got deactivated this has happened to me twice during this lab of the course

@Aswani_Keerthi, have you filled out the form to have your account repaired?

Note that no account repairs are likely to happen until the DLAI staff is back on-duty on Jan 2.

Got the similar problem in lab 3 after exceeding the resource limit:

AWS account deactivated at 2023-12-27T21:27:49-08:00