Week 3 Lab, account deactivated

I was in the middle of working on lab 3. At one point the kernel crashed and I couldn’t restart anything. And now if I try to start it again I get this message:

AWS account deactivated at 2023-09-21T09:22:14-07:00

I can’t get back to the lab. What can I do now?


Try using the Forum search tool with the keyword “deactivated”.

This was at least 2 hours ago now, so I don’t know if waiting works. I found another post with a link to a form to fill out. I’m hoping filling that out will help.

I experienced the same problem, contacted Vocareum’s support, and they told me that Coursera (or the lab owner) needs to reactivate the account in AWS. I have created a case with Coursera’s support.