Labs Not Working

Hello All the current Lab for Prompt Engineering on AWS isn’t working on my end. Not sure why. Here’s the error:

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Hi Nelson. This looks like a lab in the GenAI with LLMs course. If so, please refer to Chris Fregly’s walkthroughs and also the Vocareum instructions. It seems like you’re pressing a different button after starting the lab. Hope this helps.

Hi Chris, I do follow Chris Fregly’s method, but the issue persists:

Maybe a total refresh of my workspace/instance should do ?

It looks like I am out of time or something. Whereas I haven’t even used.


Hi Nelson. That screenshot means that your lab has been created and is active. It is not an error message. You should press the upper left AWS button next (as shown in Chris Fregly’s videos). It looks like you’re pressing Start Lab again, and that will indeed show that popup. If the popup has a different message in your next attempt, just let us know. Also show what button you’re pressing to see that screen. Thanks.

Hi Chris actually it says I am out of tokens: