LangChain Documentation

Friends, just wondering where I can find the very latest LangChain API documentation. I know, there is this documentation:,provid

But it doesn’t seem to provide all the details for a given API or class. For e.g., take the documentation page for ConvesationChain:

I am not getting a clear picture of what are the inputs that need to be passed in constructing an instance, default values, what are the attributes, and what are the method calls and their return values.

So for a given instance chain, in the lectures I see the use of and chain.predict. Whats the difference between the 2? Very difficult to find the definitions. This is just an example. Same thing with many of the other classes used in the lectures.

What I am hoping I can find is Pandas like documentation. Very clear definition of each class and API. I am not finding that in LangChain or am I missing it?


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The link you posted is broken.

Sorry, here is the correct link

@TMosh any thoughts?

Sorry, no. I haven’t attended that course or studied that documentation.