Lecture Notes for Course 4 DLS?

Hello, where are the lecture notes for this course?

It was already quite a pain to download the lecture slides from the dropdown of each video instead of having a weekly download.

But here in course seem to be more or less no notes at all…

Hi @alexiskyaw , have a look at the post in this link. Downloading is indeed some work, but there are other good resources that your can use.

Hi Stephanus,

the link leads to “Course Acknoledgement”.

And for Course 4, I’ve not seen concise material on the various classic networks that were presented (but then asked in detail regarding formulas and layer sizes).

The handwritten notes are unfortunately incomplete anyway, because a lot is only said, but not written down, but without the lecture slides it’s really a problem.

Unsure why the course has so good reviews, this would definitely be a reason to go down to 3 stars. Many other courses provide you with a complete nicely formatted script of the lectures (which was in the first half of the Machine Learning course, too).

These are really successful courses, it should be not a problem to finance someone to write nice lecture notes for future reference. (I don’t mean you personally, of course).



The problem of course is that a complete set of published lecture notes would soon be widely distributed on the internet, undermining the ability of this course to attract new students.

The lecture notes for the “Machine Learning” course weren’t original course materials either - they were added by a grad student after Prof Ng was no longer actively involved with Coursera. The grad student never finished the task - that’s why the set is incomplete.

Well, in the edx courses from Havard I can get the complete notes even without registering… I only have to pay for the certificate. In all other courses I ever made on Udemy or LinkedIn learning you get the complete course material either as downloads or a GIT repository.

Maybe you should just publish the course notes as an e-book to buy separately and maybe with DRM then, if just publishing it is considered such a problem.

I personally think that people will register anyway because the course is not helpful for most people if they don’t get the certificate (which applies to me as well, as I’m about to change direction in my IT career, so I want some proof of my efforts to learn the details of the new field).

Considering what Professor Ng said about open source I’d would be a great gesture. I don’t think anyone will be able to be serious competition for your courses because of the famous lecturer.

However: in this case, in Course 4 for many lectures even the handwritten slides are missing. That is not really easy to explain.

Hey @alexiskyaw , thank you for your suggestions. We’ll certainly look into those.

Can you give me the names of the lecture for C4 which have missing handwritten slides ? Thanks.


from the downloaded lectures I see the following missing (I may have missed some, but in W2 that’s what annoyed me a bit:

W1: One Layer of a Convolutional Network

W1: Why Convolutions?

W2: Why ResNets Work

W2: MobileNet and all videos after (7 videos)

W3: Bounding Box Predictions
W3: Anchor Boxes
W3: Semantic Segmentation with U-Net and all videos after (4 videos)

I’m not done with W4 so far.



The other courses also have some missing lecture slides, but it didn’t seem to be anything critical, only a few. But I think going through the courses and checking should be fairly quick, in the interest of course quality.

Btw… I guess you must have noticed that there are several cutting mistakes in the videos, mostly Andrew is repeating exactly the same sentence then in the video. But at the end of “Triplet Loss” in C4W4 he’s cut off on top. Where the demo from Baidu is (earlier in Week 4) Andrew’s instructions on inserting the video are in the video… it’s all over the videos (in all weeks), also in the Machine Learning course in the later lectures.

Not a big deal for me, but considering how easy it is to fix that you could definitely improve the production quality of the videos a lot. I’d also recommend to go over the soundtrack with some software to fix the typical audio problems like iZotope RX (that can be done on the existing audio, no need to re-record).

Please don’t feel offended. I was just wondering if maybe nobody has given the feedback, just to be polite. Because the course(s) are great in my opinion, so don’t consider this a real issue, but it’s flaws that can be fixed easily.

Take care,


Hey @alexiskyaw, thank you for pointing these lectures out. I’ll take a look. Also, we might be sharing lecture notes soon. It is being discussed. As soon as something is finalised, I’ll let you know.

And no no, I’m not offended by it at all. Learners like you, with their valuable feedback make our courses a huge success by helping us improve. By all means, keep your feedback coming. It is and will be noted.

And yes, we are aware of some of our video issues, and we are working on most of them currently. It just takes more time to make these fixes then content related.

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Hi @Mubsi. Please consider providing just a complete pdf file for each week of the whole 5 courses. They are extremely important for learners like me.

Hi @alexiskyaw, see this repo.

Moderator edit, repo link removed.

I am using slides from there, however they lacked newly added contents. New contents slides aren’t available on coursera :frowning:.


Hi @harry_8,

I’ve download all the slides myself so far, which is why I noticed exactly what is missing.

Course 5 Week 1 is complete again.

Well, I also preferred having one pdf per week… which could be generated easily of course. Fortunately later on the Slides at least also have a title telling what the lecture was about, making it much easier to locate the right PPT.

What I wished for was a book with the complete course, even if I had to pay for it separately, but let’s say a OneNote for the course which is relatively simple to update as the course changes would be a good starting point imho.

Hello, the lecture notes are available here: DLS Course 4: Lecture Notes.