Location of Lecture Notes

In Course Information → Resources → Course Acknowledgments, it reads <<Marie-Anne Valiquette, for writing lecture notes that you can find in lecture “resources” tab.>> [1]. Where can we find the lecture notes? Can someone provide link or example for it? I can’t find the link in individual week/ lecture page nor Course Information → Resources page.


[1] https://www.coursera.org/learn/neural-networks-deep-learning/resources/Q9zfx

There is a “Download” link on each lecture page, which is where you will find the slides and lecture notes as separate items. Here’s the link:

When you click that, here’s what you should see:


Thanks, @paulinpaloalto ! Not every page may be having same Download Lecture Notes option. However, the way you replied with snapshot/ scheenshot was really quick and useful.

Thanks, again!


There was once a link in Resources to these sketch notes by Tess Ferrandez,

There is also this very thorough set of notes in LaTeX format for all 5 courses from fellow student Jing Li.

@nirmalbetasoft yes, you are right that there is no guarantee that all lectures have the notes, but they are a new feature in the “refreshed” version of the courses. There weren’t any slides or notes at all in the original version of the courses.

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The other thing to note in my second screen shot is that every lecture has a very useful “interactive” transcript feature. That was there in the original version of the courses as well. You can use that to quickly navigate to a particular point in the lecture: search for a word or phrase with the browser search and then click on that sentence and the video will play starting at that point. Check it out! Note that the transcript was auto-generated by an NLP algorithm, so the transcription is not perfect.