LeetCode for Machine Learning?

Hey folks,

I just finished the first 2 course of the Machine Learning Specialization and they were pretty helpful. I was wondering if there exists a platform to practice Machine Learning similar to LeetCode? I am not trying to prepare for an interview, but I think it would be pretty helpful have a system that can validate my understanding of the following topics:

  • Machine Learning model selection
  • Model training
  • Bias/variance debugging and error analysis

What do you think? If it does not exist, should we create it?

P.S. I am a software engineer with 10 years of experience

Hi @ahmedjolani

Personally the best practical for machine learning techniques is to participate with team or individual in doing more projects or participate in competitions for example on kaggle or any other website that you will apply what you had been learnt in it also reading what other people doing in their notebooks which will help you to enhance your projects while you doing that you will face many problems and you will learn how to deal with it or when you have an new data what model is the best for it or how to extract the best feature from it specially when you have an 10 years of experience in software engineer



Thank you! Kaggle seems the way to go!

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