Resources to practice Supervised Machine Learning problems

Hi there! I recently finished the course Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification. Before starting the next course in Machine Learning Specialization, I’m looking for some practice problems. Can you recommend any resources? Thank you!

Hello @sujeetgund congratulations on finishing the course . I would recommend you to try kaggle participate and check out problems there .


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Hi @sujeetgund

I want add besides Kaggle, which is a great platform to try data science problems, you can also search your own data and try to re-use the code you learn with new data and see your gaps and try to learn from that experience.

I also suggest using ChatGPT as assistant, in which you prompt ChatGPT to be your mentor in machine learning and want to improve your learning with a guide project, this can make a major impact in your learning if you do it correctly

I hope this helps!

I am grateful for your suggestion to utilize Kaggle as a platform for addressing challenges. I will make good use of it to produce optimal results. Thank you for your guidance.