Practice Lab's and similar projects week wise

Hi Everyone,

Can someone suggest if there is a resource available for me to practice similar labs provided in this course week wise please.

To be clear, what I meant is, if today I finished week 1 lab 1, it’d be nice to have a bunch of similar practice questions available to cover the concepts I have learnt until week 1 lab 1. That way, I can feel more confident going into next classes.

I understand that kaggle offers practice projects, but I’m entirely new to it. When I looked around on kaggle, I find projects that cover a wide range of concepts rather than focusing on specific concepts from within this course week wise.

Any help/suggestions are much appreciated. Happy learning!

You’re pretty much on your own to create practice exercises.

  • Kaggle is a good resource for pre-made tasks.

  • To get raw data sets that you can practice on yourself, you can get them free online from many “machine learning repositories”.

The “UCI Machine Learning Repository” is popular.

Thank you @TMosh, I appreciate the suggestion.