Let's build an Ai companion for people to tackle loneliness and mental health...!

I name it the project Ava…A generative Ai companion for people which is more like an human who are having conversation to unlike an Ai you are talking to…

I’m a college student and i want to build a product of this and got a team
and i am in need of prompt engineers or who has a very good knowledge in generative Ai and who’s interested to work with us as an side project!

Hi @gowthan,

Welcome to our community! It’s great to see your enthusiasm for AI development. I’ve moved your post to the AI Discussions section, as it’s more suited for brainstorming and seeking collaborations at this stage. The AI Projects category is typically reserved for showcasing more developed projects. Your idea for ‘Project Ava’ sounds fascinating – a generative AI companion with a more human-like conversational ability is definitely an intriguing concept!

If you’re looking for prompt engineers or individuals with expertise in generative AI to join your team, consider sharing more details about your project’s goals, the skills you’re looking for, and how potential collaborators can get involved.
Thank you.

I had always been interested in Gen AI application. I wander what is your use-case? Can eloborate more? If many are interested, than we can discuss offline. Thanks