Let's build an AI company that can save the real estate and consulting industries millions

On the 9th of September 2023, I founded Affluent Solutions. A company that consults B2B and develops software solutions for bigger companies in the above mentioned industries.

We build a devteam of 28, a salesteam of 21 sales reps and 1 sales manager. We got in contact with businesses from Kuwait to Miami and are currently contracted to develop a demo for one of the biggest real estate companies in Europe.

But We are looking to expand our team with a co-founder(CTO) with experience in LLM and Data science. And Tech-leads(project managers) with the same experience.

Headquarters are located in Belgium, Antwerp (Europe). We work internationally and tab into the Northern United States market. Funded by my other ventures and scheduled to pitch to the KBC investor community next month.

If interested, contact me: ryan@affluent-solutions.com
And we’ll schedule a meeting.


Maybe this thread should have the “careers” tag instead of “ai-discussions”.

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You can change or add a tag using the “pencil” icon in the thread title.

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Can be both, I’m also open to discuss how AI can help certain industries streamline/scale their operations.


fixed it :raised_hands:

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I am interested in both topics.

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Congratulations, Ryan and sent a few thoughts over. Look forward to learning more. Kind regards, Lazar Laurence.

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AI and machine learning, looks like is becoming more acceptable in info tech.

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It is a surging trend for sure