Affluent Solutions project - red-flag > long-form report generation(consultant/real estate industry)

Project collab

Hi my name is Ryan. I am the founder of Affluent Solutions. We are a software development and AI start-up based in Antwerp, Belgium.

We recently partnered with Savills, a giant in the real estate/consultancy industry.

Project description:

  • Turning Red-Flag (summary) reports into Long-Form reports.

  • Dashboard to review documents(PDF)

  • 825 documents are provided(dataset)

  • French/English

  • Our devs are currently working on the demo version which will be finished this week but we’re hitting a roadblock on finishing the whole project.


background: AI
Degree in Applied computer science or Applied data technology.


Can you provide a little more information - I’m not sure what the purpose of your post is.

Are you asking for help from the community, or announcing a new product?

Hey TMosh! I’m actually looking to expand our developers team.

Posted it in AI projects with the “careers” tag.

Thanks, and good luck!

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