Looking for a Cofounder for my Agentic LLM Project

Hi All,

I’m a fullstack SWE that was a sales person for 15 years before I learnt to code. I have recently completed Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Specialization as well as some more advanced Deep Learning courses.

My startup project is focused on helping saas sales teams generate better leads and generate warmer introductions to those leads by:

  1. Using agentic LLM / Tools to do web searches, scraping and data classification.
  2. Build a knowledge graph off the back of these agentic wokflows.
  3. Sell access ot this graph to saas companies and ancillary industries that generate sales and leads for saas companies.

I already have users, I run a podcast for sales people, and I personally have 6,500 LinkedIn connections to sales people as I have worked in the industry for such a long time. And I am able to code and deploy a full stack production application in Typescript (personally I like Nestjs for backend and Remix on the frontend).

I’d love to meet someone who is as passionate about using agentic LLM tools as I am - I think this really is the future. So if you’re already a really strong engineer who is looking for a fullstack cofounder who can also sell - I’m your guy.

Just respond here and tell me a bit about the projects you’ve already worked on and why this would be appealing to you.

Hello ,
i m happy to hear that we have almost the same goa, i m data engineer and i work in insurance. i work a lot with the marketing service. besides , i m passionate about IA and i try on my free time to work on personal project i will be happy to dicuss with you about that. can you share you linkedin ?

Best regards

The project sounds cool man! I’m busy enough at the moment but I’ve been doing an LLM + knowledge graph app recently. I’m leaving it here in case you can reuse anything. GitHub - kafkasl/mypapers.ai: Mypapers.ai automates the creation of a knowledge graph from academic papers to enable sophisticated querying and insights.

Best luck