Librairy download - YOLO

Does anyone know where I can download yad2k librairy ? Some librairy from github don’t implement all the required functions for the YOLO car detection project

I’m not able to run this line of code :

yolo_model = load_model("model_data/", compile=False)

Thanks for your help

Hi ace.b,

In case you are trying to run the assignment away from the Coursera workspace, as it seems you are:

yad2k lives as a folder in the Coursera workspace folder linked to the assignment. You can see this folder if you do File → Open…

This is also where the model_data folder is located.

These are customized to the assignment.

What you can do is download the files you need from there and include them, or the code included in them, one way or another into your code.

I hope this answers your question. Good luck!