Libraries imported in practice labs

in practice lab , various libraries are imported which are not inbuilt in python , for example-lab_utils_common,plt_one_addpt_onclick , plt_quad_logistic etc. Are these user defined, if not then from where can I download them ?

Usually all of the files are available in the notebook’s Files menu. And the notebook help will have a link to download all of the files.

For a few courses, a package can only be installed using pip. This is very rare though.

Sorry , but I can’t find the link to download these libraries . Are these user defined? References for various python standard libraries like pandas, matplotlib etc are given under Help , but documentation of plt_overfit , lab_utils_common are not available there. (as seen in the image below)

Sorry, that’s the wrong ‘Help’ area.

For example, you can get the “Lab Files” as shown here:

Then use the “Download all files” link.
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Or you can download individual files via the “File → Open” menu" as shown here:

Which gives you a list of the files as shown here:

If you select a checkbox, a “Download” option will appear in the command bar.

ok , got it. Thank you very much

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