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1-Hi, does NLP specialization cover LLMs, if not then which course builds the foundations of LLMs and covers it completely?
2-Is Generative AI with LLMs gives the foundations of LLMs or is it an advanced course?
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Do both the course as it has its own significance in understanding building an LLMs from basic importance of word tokenization to vectorization, creating model and other important probability mechanism learnt in NLP, where as the course focus on LLM basics which you will understand more properly if you have done NLP specialisation, but yes it is not necessary, totally your choice.

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so if i do nlp specialisation and Generative ai with llms, i will have a good understanding of llms to sit for an interview, right?

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The NLP specialization covers Attention Models which are the fundamental technology used to build LLMs. Attention Models are also covered in DLS Course 5. But I think there is a lot more to LLMs than just the Attention Models. You also might want to take some of the short courses about LLMs. I have not taken them yet, but maybe someone else can give a roadmap there.

If the goal is to get a job in the LLM space, then more knowledge and experience is always a good thing, right? Meaning that even if the Short Courses are more from the p.o.v. of using LLMs to solve problems as opposed to building LLMs from scratch, knowing that side of things will help with your overall domain knowledge and being able to “talk the talk” as well as “walk the walk”. :nerd_face:


LLMs keeps evolving, so to be on par with the latest changes you need to know more and ability to also create your own LLMs gives you and upper edge. But honestly LLMs is not only is what will make you crack interviews.

AI interviews are far more about just asking about model, they ask anything from statistical analysis to model algorithm. So the more you know, it gets better. As paul mentioned already Deep learning.AI has many short courses on LLMs which will make you understand how versatile this topic.

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thanks for those responses, can someone suggest me a road moap?

till now i have completed ml specialization and deep learning specialization.

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I’d highly recommend checking out Karpathy’s ‘Zero-to-hero’ series:


Not only was he one of Prof. Ng’s students (and was highlighted as a ‘hero’ in the DLS series), but until recently was a researcher at OpenAI.


thanks @Nevermnd , more suggestions are welcomed too.

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