I want to go from start - ML to AI including mlops, nlp, ml, dl, ai, genai, llm. How should be the sequence of course

I want to go from start - ML to AI including mlops, nlp, ml, dl, ai, genai, llm. How should be the sequence of course

My recommendations:
1)Machine Learning Specialization.
2)Deep Learning Specialization.
3)Then pursue your specific interests.

NLP Specialization ? @TMosh
Gen ai, LLLM, MLOPS - This i was planning extra looking at current need for Data scientist
Any sugguestion ?

@pratiksonar345 IMHO, as to be a practicing Data Scientist, what is essentially missing here is a real, hard, solid foundation in basic or ‘traditional statistics’. Can you comp a Z-score or know the CLT, or be able to run a hypothesis test? Can you run a Chi-squared and understand the use of alternate distributions ? Can you run a ANOVA between two samples of populations, can you run a Monte Carlo ? Do you know hidden Markov Models/Chains ? How good are you with Bayes conditional probabilities ? Plus, there is the whole fact of obtaining, storing and retrieving the data (your ETL) that is a little glossed over here.

I mean, again, IMHO, it is not as if neural nets just showed up and everything else became worthless.

The subset they teach here I feel they do really well… But it is not everything.

Thus I’d encourage you to keep that in mind

Maybe. Depends on your interests. DLS contains a lot of basics for generative techniques and language models. It overlaps somewhat with NLP.

MLOPS has been shortened to one course. Future plans for that have not been released.

If you want to design new methods, you’ll surely need a good foundation in statistics.

If you want to use existing tools, only a few stats principles will go quite a long way.

@TMosh, my intent was not to be discouraging to them-- Yet they were specifically asking about the role of ‘Data Scientist’.

At least where I am in the U.S., using existing models and methods to derive insight falls more under the more traditional role of ‘Data Analyst’. Whereas a ‘Data Scientist’ is more expected to build custom models (and even invent methods) given the problem at hand.

Though this is also why Data Scientist salaries tend to start at $125k+, where those for a Data Analyst begin at a more modest (but still not shabby) $70-80k per year.

Depends on what is meant by “Data Scientist”.