LLM Model Development

Hi Everyone, Wish you a Very Happy new year.
I am founder of startup and working on few LLM models ideas. Currently I’m in ideation stage and looking for someone who would like to join and support LLM Model development.
This Idea is related to generate Assessments for students based on their adaptive behavior’s.

Happy New Year and welcome to our Community @Saurabh_Mittra

What is the scope of the LLM models you are planning to develop? Are you considering training these models from scratch, or do you intend to leverage pre-existing models as a starting point?

Training models from scratch. As I mentioned this is just at Ideation stage.

Have you considered using Finetuning Techniques:
These approaches could offer significant advantages in terms of computational costs and development time. I’m interested in how you plan to use and integrate these into your workflow.

Training LLMs from scratch requires a very high level of Skills and Team Composition not to mention the cost of training models from scratch

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