Looking for a mentor in Machine Learning

Hello there,

I am an international student currently pursuing my MS in Computer Science from Cal State University. Before starting my MS, I had over three years of experience in Software Engineering, working with .NET, Angular, and React. However, I wanted to switch to Machine Learning, and that’s why I came to the United States to pursue my MS.

During my studies, I spent a lot of time learning about Machine Learning and even did research on Reinforcement Learning. However, despite my efforts, I was not able to land an internship for Summer 2024. I didn’t even receive a single interview call. After some research, I realized that my resume and my experience in Machine Learning were not enough compared to that of a new graduate.

So, I am looking for a mentor who can guide me in achieving an internship or a fresh-graduate position at a good company in Machine Learning. I need help tailoring my resume and gaining more experience in the field. I am graduating in six months, but I can extend my program for one more month if needed. I understand that everyone is busy, and I am willing to pay for your time.

Thank you for considering my request.