Looking for learning and career advice, looking for mentorship

Hey all,

I began my journey in self teaching Machine Learning, coming from a Software Engineering background.

My first step was to take Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning Specialization. I just finished it and it has been nothing short of fantastic.

Andrew Ng’s really has a gift of explaining and teaching, at least I can say that it suits me 100%.

Up until now it went pretty well but I’m aware that I’ve only scratched the surface of the field.

That’s why I’m looking for well established ML Engineers to mentor me, especially on the career development and learning path aspects. Ideally based in EU, same as me.

The mentorship I’m aiming for is relatively lightweight.

Mostly to help me choose what to learn next, what to focus on, what to avoid, where to put emphasis, and also help me navigate the career path and job market.

My goals are to learn for the sake of it first, but I wouldn’t mind if I could make it my job in the near or far future.

For instance, the first two burning questions I have are:

  • What’s next? Should I follow the Deep Learning Specialization as well? Or follow from end to end the Hands-On Machine Learning book? Or any other resource?

  • If I’m allowed to project myself a little bit in the future: where are all the ML jobs? Especially in Europe,it seems like MLE positions in Europe (Switzerland and France in my case, but open to remote) are almost inexistant.

If needed, I’m ready to pay for this mentorship, kind of like consultancy.

Anyone interested?

Thanks in advance!

This is the only part of your mentoring request I’m willing to respond to. I don’t have any career or job advice. As a community volunteer with a full-time day job (not in the ML industry), I’m not available to be a personal mentor.

I recommend you proceed with the Deep Learning Specialization, as it introduces a lot of more complicated techniques than the basic topics in the MLS courses.

After that, you’ll need to decide which Deep Learning areas attract your interest.

I will offer that to me, (other than academics and researchers), it appears many people get into machine learning work by finding ways to apply it to a job they already have.