Looking for a venture capitalist to invest in my start up Abinirmaan Supply Chain AI Consulting LLP

Abinirmaan Supply Chain AI Consulting firm is a technology consulting firm primarily focusing on Supply Chain Sectors of the MSMEs. Abinirmaan will provide the advanced technology solutions using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Vision, Generative AI, Cloud Computing, Operations Research, Game Theory, AR-VR etc to solve different business problems of Supply Chain Sectors of Indian MSMEs like SCM Design, Warehouse Space Optimization, Inventory Optimization, Transportation Route Planning, Network Planning etc. As a Founder Director, I am looking for venture capitalist to invest in my start up.

Hello - Can I know more details about your organization and product ? Happy to discuss and talk to a CEOs who I worked with him in past and in similar industry.

I would like to learn more about your product and if interested, ready to invest.

Madan P

Hello Sir,

Thank you very much for your email.
I shall soon send you all the details.
It will be great if you share your email ID & WhatsApp number.

Sougata Biswas
WhatsApp: 8617221528
Email: biswas.sougata31@gmail.com

Note: Company website, domain, hosting and office email id will be ready by this month

Email: biswas.sougata31@gmail.com

Sorry for delay, here are my details.

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