M4ML C1_W4 Lab/Assignment Grading Issue

I submitted the assignment a couple times and received appropriate scores for my lab, based on how much I had completed. However, now when submitting, I am getting 0% and an error message for all sections, despite not having changed previous successful answers. Not sure what to do? See error message below. I see “All Tests Passed” after each test cell when running the code. Thanks!

I was able to get it to submit and grade properly. Not sure what the issue was, but have successfully complete at this time.

Hello @Joey_M Were you able to figure out what was causing the issue? I had another student who had the exact issue. If you know anything about the cause of the error, please let me know.

Kind regards

Hi @Isaak_Kamau,

So I hadn’t completed the final exercise when I was submitting. Once I completed the final exercise, it submitted successfully. I would make sure they’ve completed everything and it should work. If not, I’m not sure what else I did differently that would have fixed it.

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