M4ML: C3 W1: Assignment submitted but no grade

Submitted my assignment and all grades looks o , the expected output matches with the results for all questions.

All the questions shows the same graded o/p :slight_smile:
There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
‘dict’ object has no attribute ‘mu’

Which week and assignment?

Week 1- Programming assignment - probability distribution

For most of this assignment, the variable mu is a float. So check for where you are using mu.

However, in the prob_of_X_given_C() function, ‘mu’ is used as both a dictionary key and as a floating point value.

So if you’re getting an error about ‘dict’ object has no atrribute ‘mu’, I suspect there may be a problem in how you’re using ‘mu’ as dictionary key in that function.

Thanks issue resolved when i fix the function referring the dictionary key Mu.

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