M4ML&DS - C1_W2_Assignment: Exercise 6

Hi team!

Got one of the tests failed in Ex.6 (C1_W2) even though the output looks correct.



Hi @Matteo_Egidi

First of all, make sure you followed the instructions (given by comments inside the function) and didn’t hard coded the function to match the answer.
Actually, it is one of the test cases and that has nothing to do with how the given output looks.

Happy learning…^^

Thanks AeryB for your answer.

I did not hardcoded any of the results but i did slightly deviate from the instructions.

I preferred to refer the multiplier (4th element in the AddRows function) to the combination [row, column] inside the matrix and not just inputting the value as suggested in the instructions.

I believe that is a more solid solution as it is not only applicable to the provided set of values in the initial system of functions.

Please let me know if i am missing something :slight_smile:

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Oh I see! That’s really nice! :sparkles:
Then you may not have thought in a wrong way.

However, the testcases are written exactly to match this specific case. That is, to check, if the learner is follwing along or not. It was not meant to generalize. So, in order to receive the full grade, you have to work along the given instructions.

Have a great day!

Oh, one more thing!

Kindly remove the screenshot. It violates the Honor code. If you face any problem in future and it’s something to do with code, please ping us, mentors, privately.

Oh, sorry!

Will remove.