Week 2 - Graded Assignment. Exercise 3 - Issue

My Lab Id: gtlyohkzgydq
please have a look at Exercise 3.
Have spent more than one hoour fixing it.
Couldn’t fix it.
Any help is appreciated.

I deleted few cells and added.
may be thats the problem.

Dont know how to fix it.

Hello @Sridhar.V!

Are you still facing problem with the exercise?


I have reworked exercise 3.
But I still could not crack it.
I would appreciate your help!

As I can see in your notebook, you are manually replacing the inputs with fixed integers

It will make the function work for a very specific case, but not in general. You should remove that.

Also, the for loop just after this code block does make sense to me. What exactly are you trying to comput there? Remember that the function AddRows has only to work with two specific rows.

Let me know it this helps you!


i have run in my system. It is working fine. I’m getting the expected answers. But in the Assignment submission, I’m not getting the correct answers. can u help.

Hi @Sridhar.V,

Please note that the unit tests test for a very specific test and the autograder perform a more in-depth testing of your function and therefore it may find errors that pass to the unit tests.

Can you share your lab ID with me, privately?

In the assignment, when you click the top right “Help” button, a panel will open and your lab ID will be shown at the bottom.

I shall take a look.

Hi all, I am facing difficulty here as well. I am new to Jupyter notebooks and I am a bit confused about the markings and the code. Where I am supposed to change or add new code? I get it when I read the nongraded lab example but there I only run the code and the results appeared immediately after that. I am just a bit confused what to do

Hi guys, I am struggling with the assignment. Can someone message me directly so I can send you screenshot of my errors? Thanks