Having some trouble with C1W2 Lab

I’m really enjoying the course and have some background in python, but I’m finding the instructions in the lab somewhat hard to follow. So I’m clear: the values marked “none” are the only parts we’re responsible for, correct? I’m happy to attempt original code if need be (I see this may have at one point been the expectation), though I’d like to avoid reinventing the wheel if at all possible. Again, really getting a whole lot out of the course so far, am excited to complete this assignment and move into week three.

Yes, your job is as follows:

  • Only within the graded functions,
  • … and only where it says “START CODE HERE”,
  • … to replace the instances of “None” with the correct code.

Thanks so much for your response, I really appreciate the tone of the instructors (mentors?) in this course; we’re here to learn and telling us the answers to these problems accomplishes absolutely nothing.

I’ve worked up the first problem in the lab, am having trouble with getting the third row to reduce correctly, it’s entirely possible that I’m way off. I’ve been through some numpy tutorials this weekend and feel like I’ve got a 2x better understanding of how the package works, very likely I’m overthinking the questions at this point. Would anyone be willing to look at my code offline and discuss? I’m getting so much out of this course so far, thanks in advance for anyone’s willingness to help.

Note: An off-forum discussion is in progress.